About Us

On the surface, it may appear that having a construction magazine is a bit odd. “Why would you have a magazine about a boring topic like construction?” It is what we used to hear all the time when we first wanted to start our magazine.

It is a good thing we did not listen to those comments! Our construction magazine is now carried by major companies around the nation. If you visit an asphalt paving contractor in Batavia, you will probably find a copy of our magazine in their waiting room.

Getting to this point was not easy. We had to go through a couple years where our readership was very low. But we never stopped believing in the excellence of our work. We knew that if we kept doing things in the right way, the success and recognition would arrive.

The reason why our magazine has been so successful is because of the work we put into each issue. We did not want to create a magazine where you are just getting some generic articles that you could find on any website. We wanted to create a magazine where our readers know they are getting unique and interesting insight into the industry every couple weeks.

A key aspect of our magazine is the profile section. It is something that you may find in some other magazines, but we have our own twist. Instead of focusing on the major companies in the United States, we like to go small. We may find a driveway paving contractor in Batavia that has been earning some praise from the local residents. Instead of ignoring that company, we profile them to see why they have been so successful.

We believe it is a mutually beneficial relationship. The companies get a boost to their profile, while we get to learn about what small construction businesses about the United States are doing to be successful. And our readers get some excellent content!